Black Rock Beach House
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Perched at the edge of the earth there is a place
 of exquisite beauty and drama.

Black Rock Beach House, situated at the very edge of the Pacific Ocean,
is your unparalleled vantage point for the crashing breakers of storm season, whale spotting over dinner,
or some reflective beachcombing with a cup of coffee.

The wild Pacific in privacy and luxury -
Black Rock Beach House is the West Coast at its best.

Take on the Pacific with some of the world’s best surfing, and then soothe your body with a steam shower. Hike the Wild Pacific Trail that sits (literally) at your doorstep. Whether you choose to reward yourself with a soak in the beachside hot tub or the the master bath you will never sacrifice your connection with the ocean.

A game of chess with the beach at your side, a glass of wine by the fire in the living room, or an evening gathered around a crackling fire in the Black Rock Timber Room – this place will touch your soul.

The only thing that is hard about Black Rock Beach House is the leaving.